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    RoboInfo 5 to RoboHelp 7 upgrade

      Took big jump from RoboInfo 5 and RoboEngine to RoboHelp 7 HTML with RoboHelp 7 Server.

      I need to bring all my existing RoboInfo projects into RoboHelp, but still keep my original RoboInfo projects for the time being. If I open a RoboInfo project with RoboHelp, it will convert it to a RoboHelp project and I can't go back.
      I can make a copy of a RoboInfo project folder and the open that copy with RoboHelp, but I noticed that WebHelp is not a publishing option under Single Source Layouts - just FlashHelp Pro. My RoboHelp 7 master project is WebHelp Pro, so I don't know if I need to publish my child projects as WebHelp Pro as well?

      I thought maybe I could publish a project directly from RoboInfo, just changing the server url to what RoboHelp is. Is there any problem in doing this?