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    Chart to find missing fonts question

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      In the PFM folder I see files with letters, but I don't know how these files corelate with a font name I am familiar with.


      When I updgraded to CS5.5 from CS4, I noticed I was missing fonts that I knew I had installed on my computer.


      If I know the name of the missing font, is there a chart listing the font abbreviation and its name so that I can make sure the font is in the font folders InDesign and the CS5.5 suite uses?


      Some examples of fonts I know I have somewhere on the computer are: Souvenir, Korinna, Aldus, Umbra, Clearface, Monotype Sorts, Eurostye, etc.

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          In the Find Font dialog that shows you the list of missing fonts, click the "More info" button. This will expand the dialog, showing the file name for each of the fonts, as well as the location, which also will be useful. You can also click "Reveal in Explorer / Finder", which will open the folder with the appropriate file selected. Well, unless you are on Windows 7 -- then this fails for fonts installed in the Windows/Fonts folder ...