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    Edge Animate Questions

    Lynda-S Level 4

      I have a few questions on Edge Animate.


      First, I have an animation that I would like to automatically have loop once it is at the end. How do I do this?


      Second, I already use and have jQuery and jQuery Easing hosted on my site. I do not need these files replicated for every Edge Animation I create. Is there a way to tell Edge that I have these files, this is the path of the files, do not recreate those files.


      This leads me to my Third and final question (for now), I use Dreamweaver CS6 for my sites (which are hosted on Business Catalyst). I do not need to have duplicate files for every animation I create. How can I save all of the Edge Animate files that do not change from animation to animation in one place in my site instead of having duplicate files here and there? Is there a way to tell Edge I use DW CS6 and save all files to this one spot, then I will insert them into a webpage?



      Thanks for the help!