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    White halo around exported flash gif animation

    Zircon1 Level 1

      I am working on a Imac using Flash CS5. I can create a Flash animation with a transparent background

      but there is a slight white halo around the images. How do I export a Flash animation as a gif with

      absolutely no white halo at all. Is this possible? or wheneve you turn a vector to a gif there will

      always be a slight white halo. I have brought the image into Photoshop and could painstakingly

      use the eraser tool but there must be a way to mass assembly the process. I have tried Fireworks CS5

      and Photoshop, whenever I open the Flash gif animation there is a slight white halo.


      Look forward to the techy with the answer





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should include a screenshot that helps explain the issue.  The only halo effect I know of would involve a filter (in light color) being added.

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            lyaxway Level 1

            If your document stage is white and you are not viewing the GIF on a white or light background then the halo is probably due to the antialiasing of the pixels at the edges of your graphics. The GIF format does not support alpha transparency, so you end up seeing the smoothed edges as fully opaque pixels. There are several ways to address this:

            • Uncheck the "Smooth" option for animated GIF export. This disables antialiasing, but sacrifices image quality.
            • Change your stage color to better match the background color behind the GIF. Medium gray can be an acceptable compromise for non-uniform or unpredictable backgrounds.
            • Use another file format that supports alpha transparency. On the web, the only real alternative is SVG, but the conversion is painful.
            • Manually remove those troublesome pixels from the animated GIF. Also quite painful.
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