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    Replace GTX-460 with GTX560ti?

    Indio22 Level 1

      I use CS5 for amateur editing and effects, mostly 720p and 1080p footage that I take, and also DVD quality video.  (My kids also use it for stop action Lego film editing.)  My editing PC has the following:


      • CPU: i7-950
      • RAM: 12gb (soon to be 24gb)
      • 3 platter hard drives (soon swapping OS drive for an SSD)


      My question is about the graphics card.  The editing PC currently has a GTX-460, with which I have been satisfied.  But recently I got a nice deal on a GTX-560ti.  The plan was to put the GTX-560ti into one of my other PCs that will be used for gaming.


      But if the GTX-560ti will provide a significant benefit to my video editing and effects, I would consider putting it into my video editing PC, and moving the GTX-460 into the other gaming PC.  What do you guys think, should I swap the GTX-560ti into my video editing PC, or just stick with the current GTX-460?  Thanks for any advice.