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    CS6 Cloud.  Can't connect to debugers




      I upgraded from CS4 to CS6 Cloud.  I can no longer launch ANY APP in the debugger.


      File > New > AS3

      create an actions layer.

      in frame 1 add trace("hello world");

      click debug movie -> in Flash Pro Professional   (or ctrl-shift-enter "Debug").


      The app runs fine.  Output says:

      Attempting to launch and connect to Player using URL C:\Users\Sean\AppData\Local\Temp\Untitled-1.swf

      No debugger ever starts. No Trace messages display anywhere.


      Closing the swf window produces the popup error:

      Debugger lauch failed.  Debug session terminated.


      Googling provides many instanaces of the problem, but no fixes.


      I have tried:

      Uninstall/Removing CS4.

      Uninstall/Removing CS6.

      Uninstall/Remove EVERY ADOBE PRODUCT.

      Delete EVERY  "ADOBE" tree in the registry

      Reinstall the Adobe App Manager.

      Reinstall CS6.


      NO CHANGE.


      I dont care if I have to sacrafice a chicken.  I need to see my trace messages at a minimum.