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    Flash CS5.5 unable to import sounds and massive animation lag


      So, having reached a point where I want to add sound to my animation (which is extremely laggy for no particular reason), I find myself completely unable to import sounds of any form into Flash. "Oh, crap" I say to myself, and come onto the forums looking for a solution. Apparently importing the sound into a sound editor (ie audition) and then resaving it works, except it hasn't in my case and I'm still stuck with this stupid "Couldn't import [filename]" error.


      (and my animation is extremely laggy for some reason in case you hadn't realised from the hints above. Does this have something to do with the fact that I am using blurs in the animation and then animating them with tweens, or is flash cs5.5 (and 5) just not good at rendering blurs efficiently?)