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    Using Photoshop layers in InDesign?


      Hi all, I'm having much more difficulty finding a solution than I thought I would.  Any help is greatly appreciated!  I have a designer that has put a magazine spread together in Photoshop.  It has the background, graphics, and text.  I'm looking to place or import the psd file into InDesign and have the layers be available.  I know that I can turn the visibility on and off, but I want to be able to use InDesign to modify the text that was a text layer in the psd file, and to move individual layers around without needing to go into Photoshop each time.  With all the propaganda on Adobe's site about integration, I thought this would be easy to accomplish so I'm probably missing something obvious.


      To save people looking for the same answer in the future from reading unnecessary posts, let me just state:

      • Yes, I did search other forums and yes, I did Google it
      • I know I can edit it in Photoshop and update the link in InDesign, but that's not what I'm trying to accomplish
      • I know Photoshop isn't desktop publishing software, but let's pretend


      TIA for any help.  BTW, using CS6.