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    CFX tag nighmare

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      Hi. This issue is really frustrating.

      I have got this CFX tag, complete with custom tags and a .jar file.

      I have registered the .jar class, and put the custom tags in the right place, but when I add the cfx refference in Extensions > CFX Tags, something is going wrong, as the page keeps returning the errror: The CFX custom tag "CFX_CFX_ActivMail" was not found in the custom tag database

      I have found bug fixes and tried work arounds. Rather than trying to type it all, I have put a web page together that details everything, including screenshots.

      Please, if you can, take a look and see if there is something I'm doing wrong, or something I haven’t tried.

      Thanks if you can help. I have spent soo much time trying to get this working, I really need to succeed.