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    M4v Audio Sync Problem Premiere Elements Mac


      Hi there


      I am trying to import / edit some M4v files (originally .ts files from a PVR converted to M4v using Handbrake) but every time I import them the audio is way out of sync. The sync issue is so bad that if I unlock the audio / video timelines and manually sync the audio to the video within 30 seconds the audio noticably out of sync again.


      When I view the M4v files in Quicktime Player they are fine; audio and video synced perfectly in tune with each other so this has to be an issue with Premiere Elements during the import. The files are all around the 2-3 hour mark so it would be a right pain to have to keep syncing the audio. Also when I try move the audio the minimum it seems to allow me to move the audio is 1 second which when you're trying to sync audio to lip motion this makes the job virtually impossible.


      Any help in solving this issue is greatly appreciated.




      Mac OS X 10.8.2

      Premiere Elements 10.0

      Mac Mini 2011 i5 / 8Gb Ram