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    Output formats


      Re: Elements Premier 10 in UK (PAL)


      I have just 'imported' a video clip from my Sony DV camcorder via the firewire port.


      It uses tape but is digital (I think) it save the file to disc in AVI format. This is good I know AVI.


      After I have edited the clip and save (share) it to computer I have various options to save it as. See below;

      I have saved the same clip in a variety of formats to compare them.


      The 'm2t' and 'Pal DVD' formats also create an additional file .xmpses


      However the m2t file plays after I have moved this 'extra' file to a different directory


      hdtv 720p 25 high quality.mpg

      hd720p 25.mpg

      hdtv 1080i 25 high quality.mpg

      hdtv 1080p 25 high quality.mpg


      mpeg2 1440x1080i 25.m2t

      mpeg2 1920x1080i 25.m2t

      pal dvd standard.mpg

      pal dvd widwscreen.mpg



      The physical image sizes as displayed on the laptop screen are different. some take up 1/4 of the screen and some 1/2 of the screen.


      They all expand to full screen. I am not sure if I can any difference in quality thought.


      Obviously the file sizes varies a lot.


      I don't seam to be able to output in avi format!!!!!!


      I intend to leave the files on my NAS drive to stream to my tv via a streaming box I will purchase soon, I am currently using a ps3, but may at some point in the future burn some clips to disc for friends and family


      I may also watch them on the computer screen.


      I appreciate the quality can never get better than the original but what output format should I use and is this extra file needed?