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    Editing date in Organizer - but how can i 'hard' write that new date to the actual files?


      Hi, i have a number of files which were created by digitizing about 40 anolog tapes. These tapes have been 'split' into clips(largish) using AV cutty software [it worked v well] and therefore have about 25 avi files per tape.

      I have now imported all of these from folders) into Organizer to tag etc before creating projects in Premiere.


      However, I can amend the dates in Organizer (some of the clips have timestamp on the screen) BUT i want this to be hard-coded back to the original files - is there any way to do this. Otherwise will i have to edit the dates of the clips in Windows Explorer, using something like AttributeMagic 


      Thanks in advance - and hope this helps others at some point too.




      PS I fully understand that Orginzer is purely referential, but is there NO way to allow the data (eg tags/dates to be writtrn back to the source files?)


      I wonder if I should look at other video software tools?