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    Merging files with HDR Pro function (CS5) doesn't work

    Nando Vieira Level 1



      for the last couple of days I've been browsing the web to find some help, but couldn't find something helpful so far. Thus, I hope to find some help in the adobe community. So here is my problem:


      I took some pictures with different exposure settings (all jpg) and was successful in merging them using HDR Pro of CS5, means I could see the HDR and change everything etc. and in the end I could save it as whatever I wanted to. So far this doesn't seem to be a problem, right.

      Here it comes, couple of days later I wasn't happy with that HDR so I wanted to recalculate it again using the HDR function but surprisingly nothing happened. CS5 started the merging (after I chose the files) and was aligning the layers etc and right when the HDR was to come up CS5 went back to normal start screen.

      I found some information that the disk might be full or the RAM might be damaged but I can still compute panaromas using photomerge function which is why I think this is not the problem.


      Oh further information, I am using a Mac Book Pro, Lion etc. so RAM and so on should not be the problem (and it all worked before).


      I hope someone can help me,