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    A few (hopefuly easy) questions about PE10

    Nando Vieira Level 1

      1) how do you edit a title that has already been saved and the window (showing the title) has been closed?  Clicking on the title icon just brings it up in the preview window and the right mouse button has Edit Original grayed out.  I want to adjust the text again.

      2) I created a title when the timeline marker was pointed to a particular time.  I was not interested in that section but somehow the title is now associated with that time point.  Even without the title on the timeline I still see the text at that location.  I had to delete the title to correct the problem.  How do I prevent the title from being associated with a particular time point on the time line?

      3) Thank god for the forums as the help application is completely useless.  It comes up but none of the hyperlinks do anything.  How can I resolve that problem?

      4) I previously rendered my project, saved it, yet the next time I opened it, I had to re-render.  Is that normal?


      In case its needed, premiere elements 10 .0 (20110921.Mo/11.B144.28286) running on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, 8GB DDR2,

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are a couple of things to consider, regarding the creation of a Title in PrE.


          When one creates a New Title, it appears in two places: on the Timeline, where the CTI (Current Time Indicator/Playhead) is located, and on a Video Track above any Clips already at that location, and also in the Project Panel. Initially, the Title also opens in the Titler (the little Title editing application in PrE).


          With that Title on the Timeline (in Timeline View Mode), one would just Dbl-click on it, to open it in the Titler Panel, to edit it.


          Now, if one has many Clips on several Video Tracks, then the Instance of that new Title might appear on a higher Video Track, that it not readily seen, unless one scrolls the Timeline vertically, to reveal the Video Track, where it is located.


          Note: that same Title can be used many times, but each is but an Instance of that Title, so any editing done to it, will affect ALL Instances of that Title. To create a new Title, based on that Title, but not linked to it, choose Duplicate Title.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            There is also a tutorial on creating and editing titles in my free 8-part Basic Training tutorial series.



            Your questions are pretty basic. These tutorials might well answer most of them. And my book will certainly answer the rest with step by step instructions, if you're interested.