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    Hard drive setup for a budget build?


      Yes - I'll admit it - I want to avoid spending a lot on hard drives if possible. I realize that I may lose some r/w performance doing so...

      What is the recommendation for how many and how large the hard drives need to be for Premiere CS6 editing?

      Here's what I'm considering to start (Each is a single drive, no RAID):


      C: SSD, OS, program files, page file

      D: 2TB HDD, Media, Projects, User Folders (my documents etc)

      E: 2TB HDD, Export, Scratch, Previews

      F: 3TB HDD, Backup only


      Would this be adequate? What would be the performance penalty?

      Its just that after spending so much $ on the CPU/MB/RAM/GPU recommendations I find here I'd like to save money somewhere in my build... I think the machine will be used for NLE maybe for 5 or 6 projects per year. So far all SD, but may start some HD soon as that's where things are going.


      Thanks for any info,


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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Sounds like a solid setup. Sure, with more funds you could go further, but if your budget is limited, this setup makes a lot of sense. In general, I say calculate around 35% for disks only in a new system if it is a budget or economical model, if you go for a warrior model, expect to spend around 45-50% on the disk setup. See the bottom of this page: Latest News

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            adoucette Level 1

            Thanks Harm - then I'll stick with my above HDD setup for now and can always grow it if needed for more bandwidth and redundancy.

            I definitely looked at the info including benchmarks on your site to figure out what components to go with.

            Is there any data as to which specific hard drives to get?

            (I've seen recs for WD Black, as well as for Hitachi, for example)

            If so, are these recs changing post-flood?



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              JEShort01 Level 4



              I would suggest getting 3 identical drives (2TB or 3TB could work). Buying identical drives now will put you in a better position for a potential move to a RAID 0 setup (or parity RAID with a controller card) if you decide what you are starting out with now is not fast enough.


              You only need to backup the d: drive since everything planned for your e: drive can be regenerated (from what is on the d: drive), so you backup drive need not be larger.


              Sorry, I can't suggest anything post flood. I was buying and loving the Hitachi 7K3000 drives pre-flood, but their availablity seems to have dried up. I would suggest using Newegg reviews to decide what drives NOT to get; there are some real lemons out there now.





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                JEShort01 Level 4



                Subsequent to my last post, I was looking over available 7200/64MB/6Gps 2TB and 3TB drives considering warranty, speed, and Newegg reviews.


                And if I were in your shoes, I would buy 3 2TB WD Blacks; the WD2002FAEX model w/ 5yr wtty and 6GB/s transfer rate.


                In my opinion, there are good drives and bad drives (specific models) and that is more important than just saying buy a particular brand. Personally, I have purchased recommended models from Hitachi, WD, and Seagate, and SSDs from Intel and Crucial.



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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  You are correct that there are good and bad models, or should I say not so good with different brands. WD Caciar Balcks for instance have a great reputation for stand-alone disks, not so with parity raids due to the TLER problems. Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 has a great reputation with the 3 TB model, but opinions differ on the 2 TB model. But the 7200.14 range is probably the fastest conventional disk currently. OTOH the range is hampered by the one year warranty, which is ridiculously short. Hitachi Ultrastars are another range of very good disks with a long warranty.


                  When I was making my choice of disks, the warrranty factor and price/perfomance led me to Seagate Constellation ES Enterprise disks, but hey, I needed 25 of them and a raw capacity of 25 TB would suffice initially. I can always add another 6 of those disks internally if I need to.


                  When looking for SSD's, I had a shortlist that included Intel 520 and Crucial M4's, but ultimately decided on Corsair Performance Pro, because of the least performance degradation in 'steady state', far less than the Crucial or Intel. IMO for SSD's the best shortlist contains Corsair PP, Plextor M5 Pro and Samsung 840.

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                    adoucette Level 1

                    Thank you, I have purchased a few WD Black 2TB and a Seagate 7200.14 3TB as recommended.

                    I'll look at drives that can enable TLER in the future if I step up to RAID