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    Flex Builder 3 - Free Student Edition

      Here's the deal, I want to download/register Flex Builder 3 Free Student Edition. The site says there are two ways to obtain the registration number, both involve faxing in copies of student info. 1) Student ID card showing current enrollment dates. 2) A letter with official University letterhead containing my name and enrollment dates.

      Here's the problem: My student ID card does not contain my enrollment dates (in fact I've never seen a student ID card that does)--just my name and some random string of numbers. Also, I attend a large public University and every piece of mail I've received doesn't state my name, just calls me 'Student', and certainly doesn't list my enrollment dates.

      I called Adobe customer service and the rep told me there's a way to bypass this faxing of forms by locating your university ID number and providing that in a form.

      Can someone please direct me to finding my University ID number? A bonus would be laying out exact steps to downolad/register Flex Builder 3 Free Student Edition without faxing in information that I do not have access to.

      Thank you kindly.
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          help_plz Level 1
          By the by, I'm starting to feel Adobe is being disingenuous with their "free" offer. Case in point, I've spoken with several different Adobe reps on the phone who cannot help me and instead direct me to these forums where I am not sure anyone knows the proper answer.

          Also, since I am not a "paying customer" I do not have the ability to email my questions to Adobe customer service.

          I traded my personal details (name, address, phone, email) which have value, to Adobe in exchange for an advertised "free" license. So far, Adobe now has my personal info but I do not have the "free" product nor does anyone at Adobe seem too concerned to help me with my problem.

          I am frustrated and hope that Adobe-folk scan these forums and can provide me with a timely answer. I tend to avoid giving my personal info to mega-corporations and as of right now I'm feeling I've been had...

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            jefflemon Level 1
            If you just ask your uni adminstrations office to provide you with a proof of study letter, then this will contain teh correct info....

            do you have the link for student copy of flex?
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              help_plz Level 1
              Thanks, Jeff, that is an option I didn't know about.

              I still am sour that I literally spent two hours on the phone and wasn't even given that advice the entire time.

              And thanks for the timely reply--if you represent Adobe, you have been vindicated in my eyes!