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    New! Save a Response as a PDF File (with the form design intact)

    RandySwineford Adobe Employee

      This has been one of the most requested features. Paid users of FormsCentral can now export a single response as a PDF file. The exported PDF will contain the exported data in the original layout shown in the Design tab page view. This allows users to create a document from the data they got back from distributed web or PDF form – this document can be then archived, printed, or sent to others to enable some type of process (like an approval).


      You can save a response by going to the View Responses tab and right-clicking on the response you want exported to PDF. Select "Download Response as PDF Form" from the menu. You can also select a row and choose the same option from the File menu.


      If you do not like how the PDF is paginated you can change it using the Page View mode in the Design tab:


      The Page View mode in the design tab shows how the form will be laid out across pages when saved to PDF. You can access the page view mode by selecting it in the lower right corner of the UI:


      Click image to view full size


      Based on the paper size chosen (File menu -> Form Setup), page view mode will automatically break the fields up into pages.


      Click image to view full size


      You can also define your own custom page breaks within page view by clicking the new page button on the item toolbar


      Click image to view full size


      Note: Page breaks created in the Web View do not show up in Page View – each view has its own independent page breaks. This allows you to better optimize your form pagination based on the form type (web vs PDF)