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    Trying to animate cartoon, can't deal with symbols


      Look, I'm trying to ask a question on this forum and I don't see the option to do so, so I'm assuming that discusiions are questions. Sorry if I'm in thje wrong place.

      Here's my problem:

      I drew a cartoon figure and converted it into a symbol so I could move it around with a tween, then I converted the movement into frame by frame. Now I want to animate the cartoon after it's done moving, but I can't make changes to the figure without changing every instance of the symbol. How can I stop this from happening? Is it possible to convert a symbol back into a regular drawing? I really don't want to draw it again.

      Also, even when I copy the symbol and give it a different name, it still changes the other symbols even when they're supposedly not the same symbol anymore.

      What good are tweens and symbols in animating a cartoon if I can't save some steps in animating?

      Also, how do you create an animation "inside" a symbol?