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    Video Render Issue.


      I have been an ameture user of Preimere for a while now and very recently, my epxorted clips are showing what I can only describe as old VHS style errors.


      I am currently trying to export a time lapse sequence and I end up with this in the program monitor.


      When I hit play, the sequence looks fine. Everything was working until a couple days ago and I don't seem to be doing anything different.


      Here is a quick example of the workflow (about 1 min in length). Any help would be totally appreciated.


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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          One thing I noticed is that you only selected the first JPG image when importing.  Normally you'd select them all.  See if that makes any difference.

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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

            No, that is the correct way to import as a sequence. You select the first one and check the box.


            Does it make a difference if you even slightly resize the Program Monitor panel? Or, how about if you change "Fit" to some percentage? Try resetting the workspace. That might help.


            It is possibly a Mac thing, and I am a PC guy. I have never seen that before. It looks like it is trying to show you all of the stills.