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    SVG getting rasterized


      I created an Edge animation for an iPad app authored in InDesign:




      My question is with SVG files…


      To avoid any font issues and to make this viewable in all iPad flavors (retina), I imported the three lines of text as well as the logo as SVG files from Illustrator. All fonts were converted to paths. However, when I export as .oam and import into InDesign, everything works well, but when I pinch and zoom in, the SVGs are rasters instead of vectors.


      Is there a way of importing my Edge animation and retaining the SVGs as vectors and not making them rasters?

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          dhosford Employee Moderator

          Hi there,


            I'm not sure if you're saying the SVGs aren't displaying on the iPad or if they're not displaying in InDesign.


            I've tested your link on an iPad with retina display and the text is appearing as a SVG just fine, however the logo is rasterized. Are you sure that the logo has been completely expanded?


            As far as I know, InDesign does not support SVG graphics in-app at this time. I have found some documentation on a third party software that allows InDesign to support SVG graphics. However, I do not have personal experience using the software myself. Here's a link from the InDesign forums that references this:




          I hope this helps!

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            risd93zx Level 1

            Thanks for the help!


            The link I posted is what Edge created when publishing for web. It is indeed SVGs and they do appear both on my desktop machine and on my ipad. When I pinch and zoom in, all is rasor sharp.


            I think the problem lies in InDesign. I unzipped the .oam file Edge creates for import into InDesign. Indeed, all my SVGs are there in the images folder. It did not create raster versoins of them.


            But, when I place the .oam file in InDesign and preview the app using the Aobe Content Viewer, the SVGs are rasterized. I zoom in and they are pixelated. Not good for retina ipads.


            My solution might be to create PNGs at twice the size and scale them down in Edge. Use them instead of SVGs. This way, they will display properly on retina ipads.

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              Twice the sized PNGs don't work, what's the trick?

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                elainecc Adobe Employee

                Hi, Rotkeps-


                This particular post is about SVGs instead of PNGs.  Is this a separate issue?  If so, I would recommend that you start a new thread.





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                  Rotkeps Level 1

                  Hi, elainefinnell

                  I have the same problem as the topicstarter described. And I have read this solution "to create PNGs at twice the size and scale them down in Edge. Use them instead of SVGs". I did it, but I've got the same bad quality. Can you help me? And sorry for my English )