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    Recreating pencil hatching in Illustrator

    Dumble_dad Level 1

      I’m trying to take a friend’s pencil-and-paper design and recreate it in Illustrator for use in a poster we are creating together. She’s very proficient (away from the computer) and it’s my job to get her ideas into the computer. But sadly I’m a novice at Illustrator (and Photoshop), though I’ve been using Fireworks intermittently for years.


      I’m using CS5 (Illustrator 15.0.2, Photoshop 12.0.4) on Windows 8 Enterprise RTM, and a Wacom intuos 4.


      Here’s a fragment of the scan of the artwork I am trying to recreate.



      And here are a few of my attempts to recreate it using the brushes in Illustrator.



      As you can see the results look nothing like the original :-(


      That leaves me with three questions, though the first is the one I most need help with.


      Question 1

      Can anyone explain the steps I’d need to take to recreate in Illustrator the pencil hatching from the original paper based artwork, or point me to a comprehensive tutorial covering the required techniques?


      Question 2

      Perhaps I should instead abandon trying to recreate the pencil stroke hatching with an Illustrator brush and use Live Trace? I’ve not done that partly because I want to understand how to do it as a brush, and partly as I would not then have as much flexibility in creating different foreground text and background hatching combinations. Should I swap to Live Trace?


      Question 3

      Should I give up on vectors and try recreating the artwork in Photoshop?