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    ConvolutionFilter with big matrices


      I'm trying to use convolutionfilter to create a Gaussian Blur effect. It works well only for small matrices (or vectors, when I divided it in H/V passes) but when I choose a large radius, say, 20, for the transformation [matrix side=(2radius+1] I get a low quality image as well a darkening of the image.


      Here's the chunk for the code divided in 2 HV passes:



      var gaussRadius:int=3; // in pixels
      var gaussSigma:Number=gaussRadius/2; // at a distance of 2 sigmas, the influence is very low (2%?)
      var matrixSide:int=((gaussRadius*2)+1);
      var gaussianBlurVector:Array = new Array(matrixSide);
      var tmpNumber:Number;
      { // fill matrix
      var ixcount:int=0;
      for (var xc:int=-gaussRadius; xc<=gaussRadius; xc++)
      var g1:Number=(1/Math.sqrt(2*Math.PI*(gaussSigma*gaussSigma)))
      var g2:Number=Math.pow( Math.E, (-((xc*xc))/(2*gaussSigma*gaussSigma)) );
      var g:Number=g1*g2;
      gaussianBlurVector[ixcount]=(new Number(g));
      { // normalize matrix
      var checkSum:Number=0;
      for (var i:int=0; i<gaussianBlurVector.length; i++)
      trace("vector(", i, ")= ", gaussianBlurVector[i]);
      trace("checksum: ",checkSum);
      var gaussianBlurHConvolutionMatrix:ConvolutionFilter= new ConvolutionFilter(matrixSide, 1, 
      gaussianBlurVector, 1, 0, true, true, 0x000000, 0);
      var gaussianBlurVConvolutionMatrix:ConvolutionFilter= new ConvolutionFilter(1, matrixSide, 
      gaussianBlurVector, 1, 0, true, true, 0x000000, 0);
      this.TestImageControl.filters=[gaussianBlurHConvolutionMatrix, gaussianBlurVConvolutionMatrix];
      trace("Done. gaussianBlurMatrix(", gaussianBlurVector.length, ")");