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    Field Recorder Workflow in Premiere Pro


      Hello all,


      I was wondering if anyone has any experience with field recording workflow from Premiere Pro to ProTools.


      I have a setup where synced timecode is sent to the camera from an Edirol R4pro. Camera records the guide track, and the field recorder audio is re-synced later in ProTools using the timecode. Setup works well through FCP7 via OMF export through Automatic Duck Pro Export.


      It appears that OMF export (or perhaps the asset import?) in Premiere is stripping the original timecode off the guide wavs and I can't resync field recorder tracks in ProTools.


      Since there doesn't appear to be anything like Automatic Duck Pro Export for Premiere (although weren't they bought by Adobe?), I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems that they managed to solve?


      Many thanks in advance,