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    Ugly FontFace except in IE.

    jameswood69 Level 1

      Hello everyone!


      I'm working on my first site with fontface.




      The fonts looks beautiful in IE while in Safari, Chrome and Firefox it looks like, dont know how to desribe it, just plain ugly.


      Have you guys come across this problem?


      Thank you in advance.

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          Are you speaking of the <h1> tag of body content?  Looks OK to me in Safari - pretty much the same as Safari/Mac.

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            jameswood69 Level 1

            Hey Murray!


            Thanks for your respons.


            Yeah, the h1 looks as is supposed to, but I was referring to the menu. The one with the dark grey bar with Videndeling, Din karriere etc. It's just plain weird that it's acting the way it is, since I added the

            font-style: normal;

            font-weight: normal;


            I also read that browsers render text differently.


            I just went further and checked the site on the iPad and a Mac OS X machine and it seems to look nice, so this must be a Windows thing.