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    How to make "MXKollection + ADDT" work with php 5.3+

    Waleed Barakat Level 1

      Hello Everyone,

      I am back again to this forum after i suffered a lot while trying to use my old website created with "MXKollection" and "ADDT" tools, i have faced a lot of deprecated functions along with the "Registration" + "Login" + "Send Email". Even there is a lot of fixes for other plugins that terminated by Adobe such as: "MX Dynamic Charts" + "MX Site Search" and even more.


      ** Now for the "MXKollection" and "ADDT" tools please use the following patch:

      - Download the patch from here.


      ** The source of the patch and other useful patches for "MXKollection" and "ADDT" tools can be found here:

      - Friends of InterAKT