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    IE limits connections per server


      I have got a problem with IE 6 connection limitations.


      I use parallel URLStream loads and some are very long to complete.
      And I have some connections that die with an IOError (#2032).

      In fact, there is a IE 6.0 limitations to 2 HTTP connections per server.
      So I have some URLstream.load waiting for a connection and they expire after 300 seconds (not the case in Firefox).

      Is someone else have this problem?
      Is there a way to bypass it?

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          The simultaneous connection limit is configurable in both IE and Firefox, but in 99.9% of browsers out there, it is set to 2 by default. In fact, FF also limits the number of simultaneous downloads, but since it parses and renders so much faster, it isn't as noticeable (check out the Net tab in firebug sometime).

          It may sound like a simplistic solution, but you could set callback functions on the URLStream loads to effectively serialize the requests if they are taking that long, since the timeout timer starts from the time the request is created, not actually dispatched.
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            Another thing you can do is use a sub-domain for some downloads so that they are in a separate count. If you placed your long-running requests in a sub-domain they will not block your regular traffic. The connection limits are per-domain not per server. Some people use sub-domains for things like images to speed up downloads where there is no required interaction. You see things like images1.domain.com and images2.domain.com so they can have 4 images downloading at one time.