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    Moving a Text field to another Text field


      This sounds very simple, but being brand new to LifeCycle, I'm trying to accomplish this simple task, but can't and would appreciate some help from someone on how to do this.


      Note that when I run the form "as is", data comes out fine on lines 1A, 1B & 2A. This is done by simply running a program and populating the PDFFormField with the value of a database field.


      First, take a look at the attached form..... Note that when I first came here, there was an option to attach a file. I don't see that now. Do I need to enable something in order to upload attachments? I'm inserting an image instead....




      All I am trying to do is to move the GuarnatorFullAddress on Line 2A to to Line 3 inside the Text Box. You'll notice there are a number of objects in the Hierarchy pane (on the left) with names like : topmostSubform_0_.Page1_0_.p1-t7_0_ which occupy the value in many of those Text Boxes.


      What I tried to do in order to accomplish the task was to delete the object topmostSubform_0_.Page1_0_.p1-t7_0_ and move the value of the GuarnatorFullAddress on Line 2A to to Line 3 inside the Text Box.


      When I ran the program again to populate the form, absolutely nothing was populated!


      What am I doing wrong that I don't understand and how can I correct this issue?


      Thanks so much,