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    Robo HTML Help Author Message


      I'm new to this forum, and I hope someone can assist me with this issue. I've only been using RoboHelp (HTML) for about 4 months.

      I deleted a custom window (for the navigation pane in the HTML viewer) in a project I updated because after I compiled the project the tri-pane navigation pane didn't appear correctly (didn't have the Contents, Search, and Index tabs.) It only allowed a user to type in a keyword for the topics to display. So, after quite a bit of troubleshooting, I deleted the custom window and just used the default window. I recompiled the project, and the navigation pane appeared with all of the three correct tabs. However, evertime I select a topic under the Contents tab, this HTML Help Author Message appears:

      "The window name "AutoSPRINK VR 6" passed to HH_GET_WIN_TYPE has not been specified."

      "AutoSPRINK VR 6" was the custom window I deleted, but I didn't think that would make a difference. It does go to the topic, but only after I click OK twice on the message dialog box. This occurs each time I select a different topic. This doesn't happen when I select a reference link.

      How can I get rid of this message dialog? It's annoying for a user to have that message pop up everytime they select a topic.

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          Hi Felnic,

          This was a bug a long time ago and I haven't heard about it in newer versions but apparently it is still there. From your TOC right click on a topic, open Properties, and Open the Advanced page. From there, select a window. When you deleted your window definition, RoboHelp didn't clean it up in the TOC. The same thing happens if you change the window name. As far as I know, you have to manually change each topic.

          By the way, what version of RobpHelp are you using?

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            Hi John,

            I'm using version 5.0.2. I actually did actually what you mentioned. I clicked on the Advcanced tab in the Properties menu and chose the Default window for each topic in the TOC. I can try it again, and recompile my project to see what happens.