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    Server Error when trying to open .acsm file




      I installed Digital Editions v2.0 on a Windows 7 (64bit) computer. I allowed this program to go through firewall.

      I have authorized my computer using my AdobeID.


      When trying to open the .acsm file to get an epub book which I just bought I get the following error:

      "Error Getting License. License Server Communication Problem: E_ADEPT_NO_TOKEN".


      Could you please help?


      Thank you.

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          I have the same problem. Just different system setup, I have Windows XP Professional and no administrator privileges.

          I decided to ask content provider (I bought a weekly newspaper in .acsm distributed).

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            Derek Leng Level 1

            In some cases, "E_ADEPT_NO_TOKEN" means ADE cannot get correct content from .acsm file. I suggest you to check the content of .acsm file first (should be a lot of text inside, begin with "<fulfillmentToken..."), and then check the permission that ADE can read this file correctly.

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              jarek_bolo Level 1

              @Derek your tips solved the problem. When I opend .acsm files with WordPad I saw that there are lots of text lines which weren't XML. Ereased everything before and after <fullfillmentToken...> opening and respectivly closing tags and everything works like it shoudl.e


              I will inform my content provider that .acsm files downloaded from them are polluted.


              Thank you.

              Take care, bye.

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                Hi, I am having the same problem when trying to convert my books from Google Play to epub format on the computer to move to my Nook tablet.Were you able to get any resolution from the content provider? When you say that you erased everything before and after the fulfillmenttoken area, could you be more specific (i.e.did you remove all of the previous content or only the content located in that specific tag?) My html and xml coding is a little rusty so any information you could provide would be extremley helpful. Thank you so much!