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    Premiere CS6 Title Problems



      I have recently switched from FCP7 to Premiere Pro 6.

      I have been using it for about a month with no problem but stumbled across one yesterday.

      I am working on a project which I backed up using project manager so I can continue to work on the project at home this weekend.

      The problem I found was in the title tool.

      In my original project I had created about 15 titles, each on I had used "New title based on current title' and just re-typed the new title to match the previous one.

      When I tried this from the project backup at home the copied titles were different aspect and size to the original.

      I manually adjusted the settings to match my previous titles, but when I export the film the titles are a different size again on the Quicktime.

      To get round this, I had to create the new titles in After Effects and import them in which worked fine.

      I'm also using standard Helvetica, so it's not a problem with not having the same font on my Mac Pro and Macbook Pro

      I understand if this is a simple error as I'm a newbie to PP but would be interested in any feedback why this is happening.

      Thank you