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    Constant crash on launch (Unable to open InDesign)


      I recently had an error in InDesign which forced it to crash. Now I can not open it anymore without it crashing during load-up.


      I had one document open when I accidently closed the document with (cmd + w). Wanting to re-open it I got an error saying I did not have permission to open the document as it may be used by another application. I then proceded to try to quit ID which caused it to become unresponsive. Following this I force quit indesign.


      Since then I have been unable to open InDesign at all. It always crashes during the loading screen.


      I have tried uninstalling it (also removing preferences) and reinstalling (via Application Manager) to no success.


      This is using InDesign CS6 (Creative Cloud) on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion


      Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.


      Crash Report: https://gist.github.com/ddfae3a26db382e49475

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You may actaully have two different problems going on at once here.

          Because you crashed with a file open the .idlk (lock) file is probably still in the directory where the file is located, and that would prevent anyone from opening the .indd and would throw the error mesage you saw.


          The second problem is that the crash may also have corrupted the data in the recovery folder so ID crashes again every time it starts up and tries to recover the file you had open. Locate and empty or rename your InDesign Recovery folder, then try to restart ID.

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            sacul_sei Level 1

            Thanks for your help Peter,


            It turns out it was not the recovery data as it still crashed when after having cleared that folder but some other files in my Cache folder which must have been corrupted.


            After clearing out the entire cache for that version of ID it loaded perfectly.