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    Help for Newbie -- Premiere Elements 10

    Alvie Singer

      I'm completely new to video editing.  I know this is supposed to be the easiest software, but I'm getting nowhere.  Part of the problem is that the software doesn't seem to come with a manual -- in paper or pdf.  The help button ships me out to various tutorials, etc., but they're all for version 11.  I tried following the basic tutorial for organizing videos, and the buttons they wanted me to click just didn't exist. (such as for creating an "album."     Maybe it's because of the different version or maybe it's because I'm supposed to already know how to set up the software so that I see the same things they're showing me in the tutorials. 


      Is there any book that truly takes you through everything from othe very beginning?   Better yet, is there any service that would actually let me talk things out with an expert and perhaps let me log onto my computer so he can see what's on my screen and explain why it doesn't look like what's in the tutorial?