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    InDesign cs5 hangs on startup


      Somebody please help. I'm running the entire CS5 on my Win7 machine & InDesign is the only one I use that will not even open. It hangs on the "registering 226 plugins" screen. I've searched the forums for the last day now, tried some fixes I saw, and not one of them has fixed the problem. The weird thing is it USED TO open, and be usable, but it's been buggy for months now. Nothing important has changed: the machine is the same, the OS is the same, no memory has been added/removed...I can't think of anything that would be causing this.


      One other important detail: I cannot reinstall the software. I was an instructor at an art school & installed cs5 under their license (which I understood to be legal; I got the install CDs from the library), but I'm no longer working there so I have no access to the software. I only really use Dreamweaver, Illustrator, & InDesign to do my web design; everything but InDesign opens & works fine. Well, Illustrator goes kind of slow, but I'm not that worried about it.


      Please, if you're going to tell me to spit out a crash report, tell me how to obtain one. I have no idea what most of the techspeak I've seen in the forums means. Thanks so much!