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    Hyperlink to a file

      When I try to create a hyperlink to a file robohelp 7.0 slows then locks up. When you click the mouse anywhere on the robohelp screen you recieve a system beep. The only remedy I have is to activate task manager and close robohelp. (Task manager still shows robohelp running) Hyperlinking to a topic or web site works fine.

      This is driving me crazy

      Works in X5 perfectly

      Robohelp 7.00.145
      PC Dell Latitude 620 2GB Ram
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          Ben Minson Level 2
          It almost sounds like you have a dialog box open somewhere off your screen, but it's strange that it would happen only in this case rather than for every time you bring up a dialog. When exactly does it lock up--what have you just clicked? By any chance have you used multiple monitors recently?

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            nEx.Software Level 1
            Depending on the format which you are using to enter your hyperlink you should get one of two dialog boxes:

            If you use: "file:" you will usually get a "you have entered an invalid url" dialog... Which you have to click OK.

            If you just did "C:\etc..." then you should have gotten the dialog asking if you wanted to copy the file to to project... Which you have to respond to.

            If you didn't get one of these messages, then I'd agree with Ben's assessment that a dialog is opening off screen.
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              brunt65 Level 1
              Spot on Ben, I have been using dual monitors at work, Thanks