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    Colour shifts when merging layers

    Asahart-XEvNWS Level 1

      We are Fine Art Printers using PS4 on Windows XP and 7. Because we have to proof individual colours and individual areas we often have over 20 adjustment layers and masks on images greater than 1 metre square. The masks get hugely complicated and the images sizes are often well over 1GB. Normally we would take a Snapshot(?) Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E as we get an area correct, then move on to proof the next. We have an image with  dark blue/black cloud and noticed the image lost contrast and colours subtly changed when we did this. We have tried flattening layers, merging visible layers, merging down adjustment layers and even saving as a JPEG, but the colours change slightly each time layers are merged.  A global change like Levels is not an option for fine art images. We need to simplify the images and reduce the memory used for printing.

      Can anyone help?