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    Updating bindable property in class doesn't cause the control to update

      I am having a problem with databinding. When I update a property in a class that has controls bound to it, those controls are not refreshing their display value with the new property value automatically, and I don't know how to force them to do it.

      Here's the how I have the ActionScript class set up:

      [Bindable] private var __dataSource:String;

      The getter/setter is declared as the following:

      [Bindable] public function get dataSource():String{
      return __dataSource;

      public function set dataSource(dataSource:String):void{
      __dataSource = dataSource;

      So I have an mxml application with the following variable declaration to this ActionScript class:

      [Bindable] private var __reportDefinition:ReportDefinition;

      The text control in the mxml is defined like this:

      <mx:TextInput id="txtReportTitle" text="{__reportDefinition.dataSource}" styleName="textInputStyle" width="259"/>

      Ok, going back to the ActionScript class, I have a function that executes the following line:

      __dataSource = "SomeValue";

      After that line is executed, the text input is not refreshed. I have verified that the text input control is bound to the correct instance of the action script object.

      Any hints? Thanks