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    Premiere Elements won't recognize files


      Hello, I am using Premiere Elements 8 and I am so frustrated with it.  All of a sudden when I go to add media, it does not recognize files.  I tried to open 2 mp4 files and it said it was the wrong file type or I didn't have the necessary codec.  Last week it had no problem adding MP4 files.  So, I converted the MP4 files into AVI files and guess what?  It didn't recognize them either.  I could scream.  So I tried to add an mp3 file, no luck.  Converted it to a WAV file, same thing.  So, anybody have an idea of what is going on? 


      Would someone like to convince me that this software isn't a piece of trash?


      Two weeks ago I was adding titles to a movie I was putting together and it crashed every time I added a title.  But at least the title was added before it crashed.  I had 12 titles and it crashed 11 times, so I had eleven titles added. I finally gave up adding the last title when it crashed before I could add the title.  I tried to add the title about 10 times before I gave up.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.