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    Re-Installing Premiere Elements 9

    tmtm10 Level 1

      I have a new iMac and I installed Premiere Elements 9 on it. I have used earlier versions of this program on Windows XP and Windows 7 platforms and it performed well however Premiere 9 on my new iMac is either crashing, shutting down, not loading projects so I'm thinking about re-installing the program. My questions are: What is the best way to do this? And will I lose any of the projects I created once I re-install? I have disks.

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          JMJarrige Level 2

          I use Elements 9 on my iMac (Snow Leopard) with no problems, since almost 2 years : program stable,

          good performance. On my PC Vista, I encountered some drivers issues, and sometimes the program crashed.

          Having migrated to Win 7 on a new laptop after mother board issue on the previous Vista, as of today I have not

          found problems.

          I think you could check if there is specific issues with Lion or Mountain Lion with Elements 9, in this forum.

          For your projects created with PREL, if you create them on a specific folder instead of the generic one created

          at install, I think they could be found again after a re-install process.

          Bonne chance.

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            tmtm10 Level 1

            Are you using Adobe Elements Premiere (Video) editing or Adobe Elements (Photo editing) on your imac?

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              JMJarrige Level 2

              I am using both, on my iMac, but mainly Premiere for video editing.

              I use photoshop elements to make corrections to some of my photos, but I manage my images with iPhoto

              on my  Mac.

              On my PC I use Elements Organizer for my photos management, or Picasa. And of course Premiere Elements

              for video editing.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                The projects you created in Windows Vista will open in Windows 7. However, projects created in Windows will not open on a Mac and projects created on a Mac will not open with the Windows version of the program.