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    What happened to Layout Adjustment? CS6 MENA

    TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Hey, what happened to Layout Adjustment?!


      I'm looking at InDesign CS6 8.0.1 ME version (Hebrew enabled, English

      interface). It's definitely not there under the Layout menu. I've got

      "Create Alternate Layout", "Liquid Layout", "Reverse Layout" (an ME

      feature), but no Layout Adjustment!


      I have clicked "Show All Menus" in the Workspaces menu at the top of the



      I have trashed preferences.


      To no avail.


      The only way I'm able to access Layout Adjustment right now is via Quick

      Apply (with "Include menu commands" ticked.)


      Also, in Edit>Menus>Application Menus there is no entry that I can see

      for Layout Adjustment (I'm looking under the Layout menu entries.)


      So... where did they move Layout Adjustment to? Where is it on your



      Alternatively, did they just forget to include it?





      Win 7 64-bit