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    Installed Creative Cloud and now cannot open inDesign.


      Hi Guys,


      I would love a little bit of help please.


      This was my setup before downloading Creative Cloud trial:


      - Windows 7 SP1

      - inDesign CS6 fully licensed

      - Photoshop CS6 trial mode, 11 days remaining.


      I then wanted to trial out a few other pieces of Adobe software so installed the Creative Cloud trial to make it easier to download them.


      Now however, my inDesign fails to launch. It shows the indesign.exe in Task Manager but no windows on screen. It slows down my computer whilst the process is active but its showing 0% CPU use.

      The trials I have downloaded via CC work great, the Photoshop that was on also still works.


      Could the Creative Cloud have knocked out my inDesign due to conflicting licenses?


      Please help!


      Kind Regards

      Steven x