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    GTX 670 2GB or 4GB version?

    canoli99 Level 1

      Should I spend the extra $ and get the 4GB version of the GTX 670? Unfortunately  an extra $50 is a lot for me right now. If 2GB is enough then I won't bother with the 4GB version.


      [edit: Actually I'd love to hear, "the 570 is just as good as the 670 for Adobe apps" because the 570 is about a hundred dollars cheaper. But I'm pretty sure the newer Kepler architecture is better.]


      I assume more VRAM = better timeline edting in PremPro ... but I can't find a definite answer.


      Is OpenGL affeted by how much VRAM is available? It seems so, as you can adjust your VRAM availability to Photoshop - and the Texture Memory setting in AfterFX under the OpenGL Info section...


      But ... is the MPE affected by how much VRAM is available?


      The 470 handles everything pretty well but I'm guessing the 1.25GB of VRAM I have now is a limiting factor somewhere along the workflow. Or, as Harm has pointed out, it's more likely the actual memory bandwidth that's the limiting factor. The 470 has a bandwidth of approx 132 (IIRC) whereas the 670 is 192. The 570 falls between at 152.


      Thank you guys for any thoughts you can share.


      Production Premium CS 5.5

      HP LP2475w (2x)

      core i7 980X

      24G RAM

      GTX 470

      Win7 Pro sp1


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The benefits from upgrading the 470 to a 670 will be small. Adding extra VRAM from 2 to 4 GB will only help if you edit large dimension stills of 4/5 K material. For simple HD material it will generally not be of use. If your specific editing style/workflow however causes you to run out of VRAM, then you will benefit from the larger VRAM capabilities, because PR has the nasty trait that it stops MPE hardware on mode rather ungracefully when VRAM is depleted and returns you to software MPE only mode.

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            canoli99 Level 1

            Thanks for your answer Harm I appreciate it. There is quite a bit of misinformation on the web about this subject - ie "How much VRAM is enough?" The gaming community is so prolific it's hard  weeding through their opinions and benchmarks. But even from the macrumors forum I read this:" In video and graphic design, the card can store video clips or images as textures for OpenGL accelerated 3d effects and transitions. More video ram means less slow down for longer clips or bigger image files."


            Which agrees, at least in part with what you just wrote - but the "less slow down for longer clips" part - is that right? Does more VRAM help with longer clips? Assuming the codec isn't a particularly cpu-intensive one to decode on the fly.

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              I normally recommend the 4GB cards because the price increase is not that much and it will future proof you to changes in Adobe. I suggest getting a 4GB card.




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                canoli99 Level 1

                Thanks EC - yes the pric difference isn't much. Unfortunately every nickel is significant these days so I'm trying to cut costs wherever I can. Actually after reading through many threads here on the Adobe forums and other sites around the web I'm not convinced a new GPU will do anything for me at all (in the Adobe apps).


                I took it for granted that PremPro and specifically the MPE would love more VRAM but apparently that's not the case unless as Harm noted you're editing high-res files (4K and up). AfterFX could care less about VRAM (in CS5.5 that is, maybe the Ray Tracer in CS6 uses it?), Photoshop is always at 100% efficiency...Illustrator...well I need the 64-bit CS6 to see some improvement in Illustrator...AME has its own problems, none of which are helped by more VRAM...so maybe a new GPU will have to wait until I build an X79 system.

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                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                  If funds are limited then I would wait on the upgrade. The 470 should be fine for now.