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    Issue with importing xml data into a table

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      I have an issue with importing data from xml into a table. I don't know I'm doing something wrong or it is an bug.


      For a newpaper i have data coming in. Data like day, max/min temperature, wind directure, weather icon

      In InDesign I have created a table to linking all the elements and everything works perfectly except the weather icons (atleast some of them).



      all the data for day 2 get imported perfectly, but for day 3 the icons don't get imported.

      If I change the cell name into day2, then it works, change it back to day3 it doesn't load (I have this issue with several cells).


      everything is exactly the same, day1 loads "B.ai", day2 loads "F.ai".



      (day1, day2 are example names, see bellow for correct structure)



      I am using CS6 Indesign on a windows 7 machine.


      Thanks in advance for any help.


      A. Aran

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          regina63 Level 1

          A. Aran,

          In your example, the icon for partly cloudy is the only one appearing. Is it possible that day 2 is the only day that uses the partly cloudy icon (possibly being the only one with the correct path), and other icons (needed for day 3 etc.)  simply have the wrong path to the image? Sorry if you've already explored this, I just saw the example with only one icon and wondered if the problem is really icon paths (including a possible space between the "F" and ".ai").

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            Infoplaza Level 1

            yes i know what you mean, but i just used one icon for testing. The problem is the same icon (or a different one) works in table cell day 2 but not in table cell day 3. If I change the name of table cell day 2 into day 3 the icon doesn't get loaded. As if it doesn't recognise day3.


            But since this morning I found a solution for this problem. it is a bit work around but hey atleast it works


            I seemd that the problem was when I tried to load both text and images in the same table (each its own cell). So what i did was create a different table just for the icons and one for the textual data, and it works without any problem.



            weekTable => all the textual data of 1 week go in this table

            weekTableIcons => all the icons of 1 week go in this table