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    Correct project settings for Brinno time lapse cameras?

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      I am totally new to all this so please forgive if an obvious answer.  I have been doing a building project time lapse using some time lapse cameras by Brinno. They are the TLC200's (http://www.brinno.com/html/TLC200.html). I am about to start a new project to put together the final timelapse but have no idea what type project settings to start it as. They claim to record in 1280x720 HD and output a raw avi file of the time lapse sequence after filming (each frame i think is captured as jpeg). You pre set the number of frames it takes (eg 1 every 30 minutes like I have) and what frame rate it puts the sequence of individuale captures together and outputs to the avi file (I choose 10 fps). That is all the informatoin I have. Any ideas?


      Many thanks


      [I though I would also mention it is ultimately going to be around a 1min30s - 2 min video at the end to be posted on youtube.]