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    COM library issue


      Hi. I'm experiensing a strange problem with adding a reference to the indesign type library. I have a clean Windows Server 2008 R2 with Indesign Server CS6 and Visual Studio 2010 on it. I also have another server with Indesign which is working fine (actually what I'm trying to do is run my already working project on the new server).

      It seems that Visual Studio references an older version of the library. I can't tell it for sure, but i've noticed the following:

      1. The reference itself is called 'InDesign', not 'InDesignServer'

      2. Interfaces are different, for example, I can't find properties 'ServerSettings', 'ServerHostName' on the Application interface

      3. The worst part is that I cannot get the server instance. Marshal.BindToMoniker() gets an object but casting it to the Application interface throws an InvalidCastException.

      I have absolutely no idea what's causing this problem: Indesign or Visual Studio or something else. Does anyone know anything about it?