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    Color Management problems


      Hello to all!


      I have bought a new monitor lately, a Dell Ultrasharp U2410 and my very pleased with it but I have encountered some problems, mostly with sRGB and AbobeRGB color spaces.


      I have calibrated my monitor correctly with Spyder3Elite (5800 - 120 - 2.2) and I'm using Europe Prepress 3 color profile in Photoshop and Illustrator as I am a graphic designer and I mostly work in CMYK color spaces.

      This means that I use AbodeRGB and Coated Fogra 39 in the programs.


      I begun having problems with RGB color space when I realised differences in images I was trying to export from Photoshop and Illustrator for Internet use ("save for web" menu) both in Firefox Broswer which I have calibrated too ("about:config" menu).


      And I will give you and example:


      I am using the  "Color Index 2" book very often for easily finding color tones both in RGB and CMYK. I have use it for finding and matching the colors for my id and website.


      So I have selected a blue color tone #00adef which according to the book and my monitor is R:0 G:173 B:239. This is actually Cyan 100% accoriding to the book (my monitor reads 90% but no big deal there).


      When I see the color tone though AdobeRGB color space in Photoshop and Illustrator, it looks very close to the book. When I see it though sRGB the difference is huge!


      And let's say that this quite normal as AdobeRGB is a lot wider color space compairing to sRGB. And let's say that I have to get used to it as I use a wide gamut monitor now.


      The real problem is this: No matter how I export my files for web ("save for web" menu) both in AdobeRGB, by checking Embeded ICC, and in sRGB, when I use "Print Screen" to take a color sample, the color values change!


      So to sum up:

      1. I know that it's different to have a wide gamut monitor but how "normal" is to see such huge difference in RGB color spaces?

      2. If browser color management if OFF and I use AbobeRGB color space, everything looks the same. If browser color management is ON no matter if I USE AbobeRGB or sRGB I have problems (color differences + "print screen" inaccurate color tones).


      Can anyone tell me what I do wrong here, if I should or should not do something to fix all this because guess what, if I can't fix the problem with my own color palletes for my site and id, I can't work correctly either. Help!


      I have alredy read lots or forums, reviews etc about color management but I am still confused about where I am doing it wrong.


      Thanks for reading this and I hope that someone will have an answer help...

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          gator soup Level 4

          when I use "Print Screen" to take a color sample, the color values change!


          windows Print Screen (screenshot on Mac) I believe is based on the monitor profile, the Mac embeds the monitor profile in its screenshots


          i may suggest that you get a handle on how colormanaged apps apply the source profile and Convert (or transform) the colors to the Monitor or Print profile


          whereas unmanaged apps (for practical purposes) send the RGB numbers straight through to the monitor unaltered


          moreover, some windows apps that claim to be color managed only transform (or Convert) the color to sRGB (they are not fully color managed like Photoshop, Photoshop converts to the monitor profile)


          all this is pretty easy to observe (especially on a wide gamut monitor) if you apply the basic theory...