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    Excluding character in grep


      Hello, could you be so kind and help me find the way "How to", please?

      I have a very lagre Dictionary book. Now I need to add Runningsubhead. But in words which should be in Runningsubhead is a character | (pipe).  I need to remove it.



      "azylov|y" is the word in text. In running subhead must be only "azylovy".


      Thank you very much for your help... Ilja

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Can't be done directly. Variables are a single character as far as ID is concerned and you can't edit the text inside them. You have two choices, as far as I can see:


          Put a new non-printing frame on the page with the correct text and pick that up, or use multiple variables and multiple character styles to style and pick up the parts of the running text you want use while skipping the pipes symbol.