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    Fireworks edit in Dreamweaver pouting and refusing to update.

    Gayle Duncan
      Again, I'm new to Fireworks...let me know if I'm totally off base here. Before I start, I'm using Fireworks CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3 as part of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium. I use an iMac running OS 10.5.2, Leopard.

      I've just finished designing a new Fireworks navigation bar for my company's website. The HTML exports and integrates into the existing pages just fine (so far.) I'm in the process of testing each page with the new Fireworks HTML to see if anything goes nuts before I take it live.

      Here's where I might be delusional. I insert the HTML into a page, then use the "edit in Fireworks" option in DW to change the default state of one button using the "show in 'down' state on load" option (depending on which page is currently up.) I've noticed that although I can use the "edit in Fireworks" option to do other things (minor spacing issues for example) with marginal success...FW is not reflecting the "down state" changes in DW at all. I swear I've done this before and it's worked, though!

      When I'm in the midst of making these changes and "preview" in FW, everything works as it should. However, as soon as I hit "done", no updates are reflected in the DW page...nor are they saved in the original FW HTML when I go back and check.

      If I'm completely wrong, what would be the best way to reflect a "down state on load" button for each page of the website? Do I need to make the changes, re-save the files, and re-export them?

      If it helps, the test index page is: http://www.thdelectronics.com/index_testbar.html

      It shows "home" in the down state. But when I load the HTML on the products pages and try to change the down state button to "products"...it doesn't work.