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      I recently installed PS CS 5, and am having a problem with Camera Raw.


      I cannot save any type of image to a different location from Camera Raw.

      I CAN save to the same folder from which I opened the original file.

      Problem exists with any file formats, both original and saved.


      I chose Save in New Location from the Destination Menu, select a new folder, and after the new folder is selected the directory with the destination does not show in the Camera Raw dialogue box.


      When I attempt to save it anyway, I get the :

      "Camera Raw Save Status – The File Could Not Be Created" message. 


      In Preferences – File Handling – Save As To original Folder is unchecked.

      Preferences have been trashed

      Can not save any file format

      Folders both created in Camera Raw and out of Camera Raw

      Folders on desktop or on internal or external  drive


      PS Version 12.1

      No third party of old filters, actions, etc installed.


      The folder properties are the same for all the folders.


      This problem occurs in both the 32 & 64 bit versions of CS5.

      CS4 is still installed, and it does not exhibit this problem.

      Thank you.