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    Anyone else seeing glitches on Export of Mpeg files?

    wws-svs Level 1

      I have seen this problem  2 maybe 3 times on CS5.5 but on CS6 (cloud) I have a major problem with this.


      Export the same sequence from the timeline such as a :30 sec spot and the glitch is in exactly the same place each time.   If I change the mb/s such as going from 15mb/s CBR to 14.6.. sometimes that will fix it.  Others, it just moved the glitch elsewhere in the exported file.   I have not been able to exactly track down what is causing this.  The timeline plays back just fine.. and if I export the same exact sequence to a wmv there is no glitch.  I'm pretty sure that exporting the same sequence to a .mov file also shows no glitch.   I searched this forum and found a few others with this problem but no on recently and no solutions to thiers.


      Win7 64bit, Decklink HD 3D Extreme, x79 ASUS P9x79WS board with 16gigs of ram.  Exporting to SSD drives.  Source clips are also on SSD drives.   Nvidia 680 with 4gig of ram.


      I can update this message with example links to example files that show the glitch if anyone wants to see.