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    Text frame in assignment file opened in InCopy, is not flowing into new pages

    davehaigh Level 1

      I have an InDesign file that has a primary text frame. This is set to flow into new pages when more content has been added to the frame than will fit into it on one page. Vice versa if content is removed any blank pages are deleted. (Smart text reflow feature)


      I have created an InCopy  assignment file from this InDesign document by going to "Edit > InCopy > Add all stories to assignment > New". When this assignment file is opened in InCopy CS6 and more content is added to the frame than fits in it, the overset text is displayed as overset text in the story view. In layout view the little red icon is visible in the bottom right of the frame. How can I tell it to automatically create new pages for overset text? If lots of content is added and then an update ran on the InDesign file then the new pages are created because the InDesign file has smart text reflow turned on.


      How can I get the same functionality in InCopy so that editors can see all the content they enter in layout view and not get the red overset text warning?


      EDIT: Just to add. If I use "Update all assigments" in the InDesign file and then return to the assignment file in InCopy and choose "Update Design" then new pages are created to reflect the new pages that were created in the InDesign file. I want to create these pages via InCopy without having to go via InDesign. Editors should see their changes as soon as they make them and not have to rely on a designer updating an assignment via the InDesign file everytime.